Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Puddle Inspector

Henrik was finally feeling like himself again last weekend, after a long, drawn-out stomach virus.  And on sunday afternoon, it finally stopped raining.  That meant it was time for the Puddle Inspector to get to work.  (Some of these photos were on Facebook earlier, but not all of them.)

Ok, mamma and pappa, I have my high-tech super-sensitive precision puddle measuring apparatus and my protective outer garments on.  Let's go check those puddles!

Here's one!  A bit shallow but definitely splashable.

There's another one!  Let's go!

Whoa, this was a long one!  Nice and deep too!  Now this is what I call splashing.

You mean there are even more puddles to check?  What are we waiting for, let's go!

Let's see here, water a nice grey-brown, hint of road salt and gravel, no trace of oil or contaminants.  Perfect!


I love this job! 


  1. That little face is such a joy! You and Vidar are obviously having a great time being parents!

  2. So cute! We have as puddle stomper as well. :-)